Wednesday, 22 June 2022 
Pre-congress workshops
09:00-17:00 Histopathology Nephrourology Dialysis in the ICU
18:00 State of The Art Lecture - 1
RNAi as a novel therapeutic approach for pediatric kidney diseases
Cristina Martin-Higueras
18:00-19:30 Opening ceremony - @Gallus 
19:30-21:00 Welcome reception - @CD
Thursday, 23 June 2022
  Gallus LD KD
07:30-09:00 Working Group Meeting
Working Group Meeting
Working Group Meeting
09:00-09:45 State of the art lecture-2
State of the art in nephrotic syndrome: insights into pathogenesis and treatment
Kazumoto Iijima
09:45-10:15 Coffee Break and Poster Viewing
10:15-12:15 Symposium 1 Symposium 2 Symposium 3
Renal Transplantation Dialysis Basic Science
Chairs: Gregor Novljan, Agnieszka Prytula Chairs: Evelien Snauwaert, Ariane Zaloszyc Chairs: Aoife Waters, Olivier Devuyst
Lecture 1: Prediction system for risk of allograft loss in paediatric kidney transplant recipients (iBOX) - Julien Hogan

Lecture 2: Innovation in therapeutics: costimulation blockers - Burkhard Tӧnshoff

Lecture 3: FSGS recurrence after renal transplantation -  Priya Verghese

Followed by three oral presentations 
Lecture 4: PD: from simple fibrosis to encapsulating peritoneal sclerosis - Claus Schmitt

Lecture 5:
Intensified HD in children - Julia Thumfart

Lecture 6:
Telehealth and home dialysis - Sevcan Bakkaloglu

Followed by three oral presentations
Lecture 7: Amniotic fluid proteome analysis in the study of developmental renal disease – Joost Schanstra

Lecture 8:
Immunology of nephrotic syndrome – Manuela Colucci

Lecture 9:
Shared mechanisms of CKD progression and how to target them - Paola Romagnani

Followed by three oral presentations 
12:15-13:00 Controversial topic 1 Controversial topic 2 Controversial topic 3
Eculizumab in STEC-HUS?
Yes Sally Johnson
No Jerome Harambat
Pauci-immune AAV maintenance treatment
RTX Matko Marlais
MMF Aleksandra Zurowska
Dialysis in the neonate
PD Enrico Vidal
HD David Askenazy
13:00-14:30 Lunch with Industry-sponsored symposia (1 hour)
14:30-15:15 Teaching class1 Teaching class 2 Teaching class 3
Management of nephrotic syndrome
Fatih Ozaltin – Antonia Bouts
Diagnostic approach to asymptomatic hypertension
Stella Stabouli – Empar Lurbe
Clinical approach to a child with Alport syndrome
Laura Massella – Roser Torra
15:15-15:45 Coffee break and Poster Viewing
15:45-17:45 Symposium 4 Symposium 5 Symposium 6
Immune mediated renal disorders CAKUT ERA symposium plus ERA/EDTA Registry
Chairs: Rezan Topaloglu, Tanja Levart Chairs: Silvio Maringhini, Demet Alaygut Chairs: Jerome Harambat, Roser Torra
Lecture 10: Advances in IgAN - Alexandra Cambier

Lecture 11:
Renal involvement in monogenic SLE and related systemic immune-mediated diseases - Tadej Avcin

Lecture 12: Incidence and management of hypogammaglobulinemia post-rituximab in children - Louise Oni

Followed by  three oral presentations
Lecture 13: Genetics of CAKUT - Sophie Saunier

Lecture 14:
Antenatal hydronephrosis - Khalid Ismaili

Lecture 15:
Progression to CKD - Velibor Tasic

Followed by three oral presentations
Lecture 16: Highlights from ASN 2021 and ERA 2022 meetings - Roser Torra

Lecture 17: From ESPN/ERA Registry to ERA Registry: the time of merging data has come - Marjolein Bonthuis

Lecture 18:
Kidney retransplantation patterns in Europe: follow-up from childhood into adulthood - Evgenia Preka

Followed by 3 best oral presentations
17:45-19:45 ESPN general assembly @Gallus
Friday, 24 June 2022
  Gallus LD KD
07:30-09:00 Working Group Meeting
Glomerular diseases
Working Group Meeting
Inherited renal disorders
Working Group Meeting
09:00-09:45 State of the art lecture-3
Podocitopathies: new therapeutic options – Alessia Fornoni
09:45-10:15 Coffee break and Poster viewing
10:15-12:15 Symposium 7 Symposium 8 Symposium 9
CKD/MBD Nephrotic Syndrome Cystic kidney diseases
Chairs: Jaap Groothoff, Claus Schmitt Chairs: Gianmarco Ghiggeri, Marjan Saraga  Chairs: Matko Marlais, Tomas Seeman
Lecture 19: Managing the infant with CKD-MBD - guidelines from the ESPN CKD-MBD working group - Justine Bacchetta

Lecture 20: CKD-MBD after kidney transplantation - Agnieszka Prytula

Lecture 21:
Evaluation of bone health in children with CKD - what's new? - Rukshana Shroff

Followed by three oral presentations
Lecture 22: Genetics of SRNS - Olivia Boyer

Lecture 23:
Treatment strategies for steroid-dependent nephrotic syndrome - Lutz Weber

Lecture 24: Recurrence of CNS after renal transplantation - Hannu Jalanko

Followed by three oral presentations
Lecture 25: PKD: emerging therapeutic options - Alessandra Boletta

Lecture 26:
Imaging: state of the art - Djalila Mekahli

Lecture 27:
Pre and perinatal management and counselling of cystic renal disease - Max Liebau

Followed by three oral presentations
12:45-13:00 Controversial topic 4 Controversial topic 5 Controversial topic 6
Should we screen blood pressure in healthy children?
Yes Ali Duzova
No Kjell Tullus  
Living-related Tx for non-genetic/relapsed FSGS?
Yes Priya Verghese
No Lars Pape
SRNS: renal biopsy?
Yes Jan Becker
No Moin Saleem 
13:00-14:30 Lunch with Industry-sponsored symposia (1 hour)
14:30-15:15 Teaching class 4 Teaching class 5 Teaching class 6
Fluids and electrolytes
Detlef Bockenhauer - Francesco Emma
HUS: typical and atypical
Christoph Licht – Nicole van de Kar
SGLT2 blockers: what’s new
Jun Oh – Elke Wuehl
15:15-15:45 Coffee Break
15:45-17:45 Symposium 10 Symposium 11 Symposium 12
Complement in renal diseases Inherited renal disorders COVID-19 in pediatric nephrology
Chairs: Nicole van de Kar, Diana Karpman Chairs: Martine Besouw, Elena Levtchenko  Chairs: Giovanni Montini, Nur Canpolat
Lecture 28: Eculizumab discontinuation in aHUS - Romy Bouwmeester

Lecture 29:
Complement signature in kidney diseases – Christoph Licht

Lecture 30:
Treatment with complement blockers: not only eculizumab, not only aHUS - Marina Vivarelli

Followed by three oral presentations
Lecture 31: New Insights into the physiopathology and therapy of nephropathic cystinosis - Francesco Emma

Lecture 32: Update on nephrogenic diabetes insipdus - Camy Lopez Garcia

Lecture 33: New molecular pathways in inherited renal hypomagnesemia - Martin Konrad

Followed by three oral presentations
Lecture 34: Update on COVID-19 Vaccination in Pediatric Kidney Transplant Recipients - Klara M Posfay-Barbe

Lecture 35: The impact of COVID-19 infection on children with nephropathies – William Morello

Lecture 36: COVID-19: lessons from adults – Hans Joachim Anders

Followed by three oral presentations
19:00 Networking dinner
Saturday, 25 June 2022
09:00:09:30 Coffee Break
09:30-10:15 State of the art lecture-5
Making and using a human kidney cell atlas - Menna Clatworthy (virtual)
10:15-12:15 Symposium 13 Symposium 14 Symposium 15
Best Oral Presentations Acute Kidney Injury and CRRT Young nephrologists symposium
Chairs: Steve Marks, xxx Chairs: Sevcan Bakkaloglu, Brankica Spasojević Chairs: Fabio Paglialonga, Evgenia Preka
Lecture 38: Kidney Support Therapy for Neonates and Infants: State of the Art - David Askenazy

Lecture 39: Anticoagulation in CRRT - Isabella Guzzo

Lecture 40: xxx

Followed by three oral presentations
Lecture 41: How to become a successful physician/scientist -  Alessia Fornoni

Minilecture YPPN: Where do we stand currently and what can we offer you to shape a brilliant future together! - Evgenia Preka


Minilecture YNP: Young Nephrologists' Platform - ERA's activities for our young colleagues - shaping the future together! - A van Craenenbroeck

Minilecture IPNA: IPNA Juniors’ activities – join us shaping the future together - Ana Texeira

Lecture 42: How to contribute effectively in large studies (registries, RCT, etc.) from a young age! Tips from a senior Paediatric Nephrologist & Researcher. Franz Schaefer
12:15-12:30 Concluding remarks