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Prof. Moin Saleem

I am a clinically active paediatric nephrologist with a long standing research interest in glomerular cell biology, and particular expertise in podocyte related diseases and nephrotic syndrome. I developed world leading glomerular cell lines, which are considered the gold standard tool for in vitro studies.

I head the Academic Renal Unit at the University of Bristol, currently with 8 Principle Investigators and around 40 total researchers, with closely related research themes. I was the originator of the UK Renal Rare Disease Registry (RaDaR), and am currently leading the UK nephrotic syndrome study (NephroS), as well as a major industry-academic collaboration termed NURTuRE (National Unified Renal Translational Research Enterprise). I am PI on several MRC projects, including Stratified Medicine, laboratory project grants and a Global Challenges programme.

My gene therapy program commenced in 2014, and is focused on targeting the podocyte in order to radically change the treatment of kidney diseases. I am now co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Purespring Therapeutics.