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Dr. Joost Schanstra

Joost Schanstra, trained as a biochemist, has strong interest in biomarkers and systems biology in the field of kidney disease and has published >60 scientific publications in the field. Key contributions were the identification of urinary biomarkers of chronic kidney disease (JASN 2015), of ureteropelvic junction obstruction (Nat Med 2006), posterior urethral valves (Sci Transl Med 2013) and CAKUT (Kidney Int 2021); and systems biology-based drug repurposing (JCI Insight 2019).

His current interest is in implementation of these biomarkers in the clinic. With that aim Joost Schanstra is co-coordinating the investigator-driven pan-European ANTENATAL trial which has the aim to validate a fetal urine signature of postnatal renal function in fetuses with posterior urethral valves in a multicenter setting.