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Prof. Empar Lurbe

Prof. Empar Lurbe has a degree in Medicine and Surgery from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Valencia, she is a specialist in Pediatrics and Nephrology. Prof. Lurbe has been head researcher in several International and National Networks/Projects and was awarded with the Talal Zein Award of the ESH in 2011. She has been awarded a 2021 ISH Honour for Senior Women Researchers by the ISH.

Empar Lurbe is currently the vice president of the ESH (2017- present) and Chair of the Working Group on Hypertension in Children and Adolescents (2015-present) in this Society. Her over 30 years of research has been focused on the pediatric field with an emphasis on the impact of early life on the development of cardiometabolic risk factors, childhood obesity, and the application of new technologies in pediatric care. Her latest achievement was the successful application of the COST Action “Network for blood pressure research in children and adolescents”, HyperChildNET.