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Dr. Alexandra CAMBIER

Key qualification(s) that will be of interest to attendees at this conference:

Pathophysiology childhood IgA nephropathy.
Biomarker’s childhood IgA nephropathy nephropathy
Specific treatment childhood IgA nephropathy

Special awards or recognition:

ORKID fundings 2022: “mTOR inhibitors blocking CD89 in IgA nephropathy proliferation”
Award Fundings AIRG 2016: whole exome sequencing for children IgA nephropathy « Pathophysiological and therapeutic implications »

I am working currently as a professor assistant pediatric nephrology Sainte Justine hospital. I completed my pediatric medicine and nephrology training at the University of Paris in 2018. I subsequently did a three-years pediatric nephrology fellowship at the Robert Debré Hospital in Paris. I then did a PHD in immunology at the faculty of the Bichat Hospital, in the Inflamex Laboratory of Excellence with Pr. Renato Monteiro. I have completed my PHD working in genetics with Pr. Laurent Mesnard at Sorbonne University Laboratory UMR_S 1155. My research focuses on childhood IgA nephropathy and my research interests encompass the clinical specificities of childhood IgA nephropathy as well as the interest of immune biomarkers for diagnosis and prognosis of disease and the impact of genetic variants.