ESPN 54th Annual Meeting

ESPN 2022

Health-related quality of life in patients receiving in-centre dialysis
Claire Dempster 1 Francesca De Zan 1 Jo Wray 1 Rukshana Shroff 1

1- Nephrology Unit, Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Foundation Trust, Great Ormond Street, London, United Kingdom

End-stage kidney disease is associated with impaired quality of life (QoL). Few studies have investigated the mental health and well-being of children on dialysis. Through validated questionnaires we explored children’s and parents’ QoL perception and identified risk factors for a concerning score.

Material and methods:

 Participants from the “3H - HDF-Hearts-Height” multicentre study in children on hemodialysis (HD) and hemodiafiltration (HDF) completed Paediatric QoL questionnaire (PedsQL) and the Strengths and Difficulties (SDQ) questionnaires.


100 children and parents answered at least one questionnaire and were enrolled in the study. Children on dialysis scored significantly lower for health related QoL on the PedsQL than healthy children (p < 0.001 in all the domains). Differences between children and parents’ answers in both questionnaires were not significant in all the domains (p > 0.15). On univariable analysis school attendance significantly reduced the probability of a concerning score, both in children’s reported outcomes for emotional (95%CI 0.083 – 0.61; p = 0.003), school (95%IC 0.029 – 0.722; p = 0.018) and total domain (95%CI 0.023 – 0.49; p = 0.004) and in parents’ reports on school (95%CI 0.023 – 0.49; p = 0.035) and total (95%CI 0.04 – 0.85; p = 0.03) domain. Other significant risk factors for having a concerning score were age above 10 years in social and school domains for children (95%CI 1.11 – 12.0; p= 0.032 and 95%CI 1.18 – 15.57; p = 0.027) and in school (95%CI 1.25 – 14.7; p = 0.021) domain for parents; overnight wakes in children’s emotional and school domains (95%CI 1.59 – 10.92; p = 0.004 and 95%CI 1.15 – 8.84, p = 0.026). Severe pruritus significantly affected children’s social domain (95%CI 1.52 – 40.4; p= 0.014).


Children on in-centre dialysis and their parents report poorer QoL on PedsQL and SDQ questionnaires compared to their healthy peers. School attendance may be a protective factor for having a better score and consequently a better QoL perception.